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Hasandra Heyward

"Oh Lord, you alone are my hope, I've trusted you, O Lord, from childhood." Psalm 71:5

Meet Hasandra Heyward

My Life’s Good Thing

Surrendered to perfect love that has found me;

hidden deep within that place that catches my breath;

an eternal love that grounds me.

By its power I’m humbled the most; 

everything ugly in me He can see but still he draws me close.

He whispers to my soul. 

He reaches down for me; reaches into me.

He protects me like a jealous lover; or a protective brother.

Just a glimpse of his grace brings blushing to my face

His love like a hurricane a cleansing, healing rain…

breaking down everything that isn’t his truth; 

a love beyond words an infallible proof.

He’s with me, in me, as me cutting away my routine and duty;

for what I thought were ashes, He gives me beauty.

I’ve never known such deep love that unravels my soul and gives me wings

Oh God, how you make my heart sing.

I could never think this some crazy affair,

I am in love with a lover who has always been there.

He’s familiar; yet new every day, 

masterful he is with this bit of clay.

My heart bleeds a shameless confession; 

I am moved by the comfort of his compassion.

What can I say Lord? What can I do?

How can this life bring glory to you?

I ask myself the question, how are you like anything or everything?

How does creation whisper back to you?

I humbly confess that I seek to find new ways 

Just to say…dear Lord, I am so in love with you too!

Your presence indeed is where I find my joyful praise 

and I can’t control my hunger and thirst to know your righteous ways.

Basking in the comfort to my heart knowing you brings…

I say thank you Lord…thank you Lord 

for being my life’s good thing.

Hasandra Heyward  ©2017

God's Pursuit 

I met God when I was 8 years old and I fell in love with Him. He taught me four life-long lessons that have governed our relationship for 40+ years. He taught me to recognize His voice in my life. He taught me that He can be trusted. He taught me that He operates in the supernatural. And, He taught me that when He speaks to my heart, He requires obedience.

Those life lessons and many more are the foundation upon which I walk with my Father each day. He is the authority for my life. He is the smile on my face and the passion in my heart. He is the one who has smoothed out the jagged edges of my life.

My relationship with God is why I relate most with the journey of sea glass. Specifically, the rare colors like pink and green. All sea glass starts out being thrown away, discarded and broken. Hopeless, if you will. It's tossed by the sea, drifts around and takes some hard knocks; being roughened and worn down until all the shine and rough edges are gone.

It takes sea glass at least 30-40 years to acquire its frosty texture and shape.

All the while, this sea glass is being formed, it is also being pursued by One who will appreciate its rarity and its beauty. One who has a greater purpose in mind for this once discarded piece of glass.

In His hands, I have emerged refined and beautiful, fully equipped for the purpose He always had in mind for me. 

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